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Does PlaytestCloud offer a free trial for game developers?
Does PlaytestCloud offer a free trial for game developers?

Yes, we do! Game studios can start their free trial and explore all options PlaytestCloud offers today.

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We here at PlaytestCloud understand that sometimes you want to try before you buy. We recognize this and are excited to be able to prove to you the power of playtesting using PlaytestCloud. That is why we offer a free 14-day trial of our Professional Plan to every new game studio that uses PlaytestCloud.

Here’s how it works!

When you sign up to use our service. Just enter your name and contact details on the form and click the green sign up button. Once you begin your first order you will automatically be given the perks of the trial period.  

The trial will include:

  • 14-day access to PlaytestCloud Professional Plan

  • The ability to explore all of the options that we offer

  • 2 free video tokens 💎💎

  • Professional support and advice

With 2 video tokens you can run a playtest with:

  • 2 Players 

  • or 1 Player from a Special Target Audience

  • or 1 Child Playtester (Ages 3-15)

If you wish to run a playtest with more than what is available on the free trial, no problem! We can automatically invoice you for the "extras" using our Professional Plan discount. However please note that there is a 20 video token limit during the 14-day trial phase. Additionally, multiple free trial accounts within the same game studio will be paused automatically for manual intervention. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Prefer to be on the Starter Plan? 

No worries, go ahead and run your playtest. You will be granted access to the Professional Plan for 14 days. No need to downgrade, the Professional Plan will just expire and then you will be put on the starter plan automatically- unless you let us know that you wish to subscribe.

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