To playtest a mobile game on PlaytestCloud, you need to provide us with a build of the game in one of the standard formats we support (IPA for iOS, APK or AAB for Android).

If you have such a build of a game that's not developed by your own studio – for example because you collaborate with the other studio – you can playtest it like any other game on PlaytestCloud.

Please be aware that Android playtests that use IPAs/APKs that are not provided directly by the developers are often prone to issues. If you are using such a build, we recommend write us a message in the field "No, I have a special request" when you place your order. This way we will have time to internally test the build before we invite players.

I don't have a build. What now?

We don't support playtesting games for which you cannot provide a working build.

Specifically, testing games for which you can only provide a link to the iOS App Store or Android Play Store is not supported by PlaytestCloud right now.

We're working on supporting this later in 2020.

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