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Use a Typeform Survey
Use a Typeform Survey

With a few easy steps you can use your self-made Typeform surveys together with our playtests and surveys.

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With PlaytestCloud's survey tools, you can create powerful surveys for every playtest, but using your Typeform and other survey tools together with playtests and surveys run on PlaytestCloud is possible as well. 

It should be noted however, that using your own Typeform account is only available upon special request and subject to a set-up fee. Before proceeding, we suggest that you read our short overview of all available survey integrations.

Typeform Integration Guide

Integrating your Typeform survey with PlaytestCloud is possible using Hidden Fields to store the demographics data that we pass, and redirect upon completion to automatically redirect players back to PlaytestCloud upon completion of your survey.

Step 1: Store Demographics Information

Add Hidden Fields to store data such as age, gender, and nationality of the player. See our general survey integration article for a list of all demographic information that we make available for your survey.

For example, to store the age, gender and first name of the players alongside their responses, create Hidden Fields for the following fields:

  • age

  • gender

  • first_name

Step 2: Create Hidden Fields for participation_info and participation_id (required)

In order for PlaytestCloud to know which of our players have already completed your survey, and to group and filter the survey results according to the target audiences you've selected during your order, we use the variables participation_id and participation_info. These fields can easily be added and accessed via the hidden fields section.

How to add Hidden Fields on Typeform:
1. Open your Typeform account. From your workspace, on the right-hand side of the Create panel, click Logic, then Advanced. This will give you access to the Hidden Fields menu.

2. Click on Hidden Fields and add the variables participation_info and participation_id

Step 3: Redirect Players to PlaytestCloud (required)

In Typeform, this is done by setting up a redirect to URL, which can be achieved by the following steps:

  1. Open Typeform from your Workspace.

  2. Click the + sign next to Endings in the Create panel.

  3. You will be presented with 2 options: end screen or redirect to URL - you should choose redirect to URL.

  4. Your redirect will appear in the list of endings in your workspace

  5. In the center of the screen or in the right-hand Settings dialog, add you'll need to paste the following URL: (you must include the entire URL including the HTTPS, otherwise the redirect will fail)

  6. At the end of the URL you now need to include the Hidden Field participation_info, to do so click the + button in the top corner of the settings dialog box and select participation_info (as shown in the below image)

When set up correctly, the redirect looks like this:

Once you have finished building your survey the final link you will share with PlaytestCloud should look like this:

Contact our project management team to set up your playtest, and you'll soon be collecting responses to your survey from our players!

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