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Request playtests on specific – higher performance – iOS devices

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Only want to playtest with players on higher-performance iOS devices? Want device performance of the iPhone 12 or higher? Maybe you only want players playtesting your game on an iPad Air 2 or higher?

It's possible to run a playtest on only higher-performance iOS devices, such as the iPhone 12 or higher, by requesting it during the playtest order process. You can also request higher-performance iPad models, such as the iPad Air 2 or higher, using the same method.

Note: Playtesting with higher-performance iOS devices costs more, and the costs vary depending on the request. Reach out to us for an exact quote.

The default minimum for iOS devices is the iPhone 6s. If the iPhone 6s is an acceptable minimum baseline for iOS performance, you don't need to specify anything further – as the iPhone 6s will be the lowest performance iOS device considered for a playtest.

How to request specific iOS devices for a playtest

  • Begin by setting up your playtest like any other playtest.

  • Set up tasks, demographics, and everything else like you want.

  • Once you reach the Optional: Custom targeting section of the playtest order form, click on No, add custom target audience description. (The default here is Yes).

  • Once you're in the text field, enter your request in the free text field, as seen in the screenshot below:

The most important part here is the special request. By selecting No, add custom target audience description – your order will not automatically begin, and we will read your message before starting the playtest.

What happens now?

We'll manually configure the playtest based on your special request.

Note: If we're unable to satisfy your device request, we'll reach out to you directly to clarify next steps.

Next steps

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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