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Adding colleagues to your team account
Adding colleagues to your team account

It's easy to add colleagues to your team's PlaytestCloud account

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Teams are always evolving, and sometimes this means you need to adjust who has access to what tool. With PlaytestCloud you can add and remove team members whenever you need to, at no extra cost.

Once you add a team member to your PlaytestCloud account, they have access to view all your teams playtests. Depending on the permissions you set, they will also be able to order new playtests.

Adding a team member from your team account is as simple as a few clicks.

Add a team member

Login to PlaytestCloud, click on the menu (circled in red) on the right side of the navigation bar, and then click on the Add/remove teammates option:

Here you will see all the members of your team, listed in chronological order.

At the bottom of the list are two open fields for you to add a new team member. Just add the team member's name and email address and click Invite to team.

Note: There is a checkbox beneath the name and email address fields which is checked by default. If you would like to restrict a team member's access so that they cannot order new playtests, please uncheck this box. Team members with view-only access will not be able to order new playtests but will have access to all the completed playtest videos.

If successful, you will see this message appear at the top of your team member list:

The added team member will receive an email within a few minutes with their invitation. There is a link inside that email which prompts the user to enter the password they will use for PlaytestCloud. Once the password has been set, the newly added team member will be able to access PlaytestCloud right away.

Setting up your team's domain

There is another option which makes it so that anybody with an email address at your company's domain can automatically join your team. To enable this mode you need to go to the settings page. You can find this just below team management in the dropdown. Then under Domain you will see the checkbox required to enable this.

Note: You or at least one of your teammates needs to be signed up with their account at this domain in order to use it.

Next steps

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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