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How to show players a briefing before their playtest
How to show players a briefing before their playtest

Create a custom briefing that players see before their playtest begins

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Adding a customized player briefing can be helpful for getting a little extra information to players before a playtest begins: It's also entirely optional.

Players will always get our default briefing regardless of whether or not you add your own custom briefing.

If you choose to add a customized player briefing, it will be included in both the playtest invitation email and as note just before a playtest begins.

Note: There’s no guarantee players will read your custom briefing. It’s not recommended to rely on this feature to communicate play critical or “game-breaking” information. 

If it's crucial that players follow instructions, add in-game tasks. See: How to set up in-game tasks.

How to add your customized player briefing

You can add a custom briefing to any playtest you order through PlaytestCloud.

Here’s where you can enter your custom briefing in the playtest order form:

Where your custom briefing appears

Your custom briefing will then be shown to players in two places.

First, they will see it in their playtest invitation email. Playtests with a custom briefing email will include an additional header:

As well as an additional section called SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:

Then they will see it for the second time before the playtest begins:

Example custom briefings

Here are some example messages of how people are using the custom briefing feature already:

  • IMPORTANT: Before you play the game, please watch this quick 25-second video tutorial to help you understand how the game controls work. Link to video:
    Password: toadsodyssey 

  • Play through the tutorial and play some matches. The music isn’t final; it’s placeholder music.

  • Please play like you’re at home. Pay close attention to the CONTROLS. We’re trying to understand how players interact with the game. CONTROLS are anything related to moving, placing, holding, and interacting with objects in the virtual environment.

  • We are especially interested in how you feel INSERT YOUR GAME NAME compares to INSERT COMPARISON GAME NAME.

Default briefing

Adding a custom briefing is entirely optional. Regardless of whether you add one or not, we always give players a short video briefing that varies based on the type of playtest you're running.

Players are always instructed the following way:

  • To speak aloud (unless you specify with us beforehand that they should not)

  • To play the game just like they downloaded it from the App Store or Google Play Store

  • That the game they're going to playtest could be an early prototype

The default briefing is automatically selected in the playtest order form:

Here’s what players see in their invitation email when you opt for the default briefing. Notice that the special instructions section is completely omitted:

Going beyond the playtest order form

If you would like to add more complex custom briefings; including, but not limited to, embedded images or longer text – it's possible to do so by reaching out to us beforehand. We're happy to customize playtests for you as needed.

Next steps

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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