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Can I have the contact details of the players?
Can I have the contact details of the players?

We cannot share the contact details such as email addresses of players, but you can communicate directly with testers through our website.

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For privacy reasons, PlaytestCloud is unable to provide you with the contact details (email addresses, phone numbers etc.) of the players playtesting your games.

Luckily, however, PlaytestCloud does provide a function that allows you to reach out to players with any burning questions or follow-up clarification.

Asking players follow-up questions

Players can be contacted directly via the Ask the player more questions button in the Survey tab of the playtest video player. The amount of questions you can ask is unlimited, although please keep in mind, communicating directly with players is limited to a four-week window after the submission of the playtest. So make sure not to delay too long before asking your questions!

For more information and instructions, please refer to the following article: Ask follow-up questions to better understand player feedback.

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