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Can I interview the players in my playtest?
Can I interview the players in my playtest?

You can use a built-in messaging system to communicate with the players or chose to interview players after a playtest.

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The best way to follow up with players after a playtest is our "Ask players more questions" feature. It is available for all playtests except for survey-only studies.

You can also conduct post-project interviews; it's a great way to connect with the players and deepen your research. You can do this using our "Pick players from previous playtests" feature. (Read more)

Here's how to set up post playtest interviews:

  • Select the players you want to interview:

    • Under Specify your target audience, select Use PlaytestCloud testers and then under How should we select players for your test? select Pick players from previous playtests

    • Under Which playtests have the players participated in?, search for the game name or playtest name of the playtest you want to invite players from

    • Select the players you want to interview from the player list that is generated

  • Set up your interview time slots

That's it! We will invite the players and send you the video call details like any other interview playtest. (read more)

Please note: Inviting players does not guarantee that they will be available or willing to be interviewed. You will only be charged for players that are successfully interviewed.

If you have any other questions regarding post-playtest interviews, reach out to us at We're happy to answer them!

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