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How do I target players from previous playtests?
How do I target players from previous playtests?

Re-invite players that have participated in your previous playtests to a new playtest using the retargeting players feature

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Player retargeting allows you to invite participants from previous playtests to new ones. It is available for every playtest type we offer, including Surveys and Player interviews.

Steps to retarget players:

  • When you are ordering a playtest, under Specify your target audience, select Use PlaytestCloud testers

  • Under How should we select players for your test? select Pick players from previous playtests

  • Under Which playtests have the players participated in?, search for the game name or playtest name to display a list of playtests. You can select multiple playtests to select players from

  • A table will be displayed where you can select the players you want to invite to your new playtest


  • Players from survey playtests or playtests that use the "Bring your own players" feature cannot be retargeted

  • Retargeting a player does not guarantee that they will participate or guarantee the quality of their participation

  • You will only be charged for players that successfully participate in your playtest

  • We give retargeted players an additional 5 days to complete the playtest

  • If you would like to supplement the playtest with additional retargeted players after the order has been placed, you will need to make a separate order

Want to retarget a player from a kids playtest? This is possible, but you'll need to place an order with a custom request do to so. The steps to do this are:

  • Start an order for the kind of playtest you'd like the retargeted player to participate in (note, we don't run standalone surveys for kids). Retargeting is possible for Player Interviews or Live playtests.

  • Add a custom request to the order stating which kid you'd like to reinvite -

    • You should mention the playtest name, the date it was ordered, and the player's name and age so we can find the player. Submit the order.

  • We will process your request. This could take a few days, as one of our teammates will need to manually set up your order and confirm a price increase with you before starting the test.

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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