How do I run an A/B test?

Here's how you can run a playtest where players have two different build to play

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A/B playtesting is a powerful method to compare two different game builds by having players experience both versions. Here's how you can run such tests on PlaytestCloud.

How to Set Up A/B Playtests:

Initial Playtest (Playtest A):

  1. Set up your first playtest through our order form, we recommend ordering a few extra players here as we cannot guarantee that everyone will finish both tests.

    Tip: Our Research Operations team will often have at least 5 extra players participate in the first test.

  2. Once the playtest is completed, gather the feedback and videos.

Retargeting for the Second Playtest (Playtest B):

  1. Use the Player Retargeting feature to invite participants from Playtest A to Playtest B.

  2. When ordering a new playtest, under Specify your target audience, select Use PlaytestCloud testers.

  3. Choose Pick players from previous playtests under How should we select players for your test?.

  4. Search for the game name or playtest name to display a list of previous playtests. You can select multiple playtests to choose players from.

  5. A table will appear, allowing you to select the players you wish to invite to Playtest B.


  • Players from survey playtests or playtests using the "Bring Your Own Players" feature cannot be retargeted.

  • Retargeting a player doesn't guarantee their participation or the quality of their feedback.

  • You'll be charged for each playtest separately

Finally if you prefer a hands-off approach, our Research Operations team can manage the A/B playtest process for you. This service comes with additional costs. To inquire or order, reach out to our team at

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