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Share a playtest order in your team
Share a playtest order in your team

If you want multiple people to review or edit a playtest order, here’s how.

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You can share a link to any of your saved orders with your team, and they can make changes. To share a to a specific order with another person, you can copy the link on the order form and send it to them e.g. via Email or chat. In order for a link to be created you must first save the order as a draft. You can do this by clicking the Save order for later button in th Your order summary which is located to the right of the order form. The other person must also have a PlaytestCloud account.

This can be helpful if you set up a playtest order and need another person on your team to upload the latest build on enter the survey questions.

Everybody on your team will be able to see your saved orders on the playtest overview:


Saved orders will become inaccessible once the order has been finalized and placed.

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