Playtesting through TestFlight

Learn what TestFlight is, how to set up a TestFlight public link and how to use it to order an iOS playtest

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What is TestFlight?

TestFlight is Apple's online service for testing apps and games before they are submitted to the App Store. It is available to everyone on the iOS Developer Program.

Important! Players can see your developer name on TestFlight. (Read more about the app details revealed by Apple’s TestFlight app)

Can I run a playtest through TestFlight?

Yes! All you need is a TestFlight public link. When you are ordering the playtest on PlaytestCloud, paste the public link in the build section and we will handle the rest.

Important! Touch recording and PlaytestCloud's technical security features will not be available in playtests with TestFlight links unless the PlaytestCloud iOS SDK is integrated. Without the SDK, you will still get recordings of both on-screen gameplay and of what players say as they're thinking aloud while playing.

➡️ Read more about the optional PlaytestCloud iOS SDK

How to setup a TestFlight public link:

Follow the steps outlined by Apple to submit your build for distribution on TestFlight.

Important! If you have integrated the PlaytestCloud iOS SDK, you will need to provide Apple's reviewers with login credentials so they can get past the PlaytestCloud login screen. The credentials are provided during the SDK integration process.

Once your build is approved by Apple for testing on TestFlight, you will need to create a TestFlight public link for playtesting:

  1. Click on TestFight in App Store Connect page for the game.

  2. Click on the + icon next to External Testing to create a new group for your playtest.
    Important: We recommend creating a new group for each playtest. This helps ensure that the setup for the playtest is not modified until the playtest has finished.

  3. Click on the new group you just created and then click on the + icon next to Builds and select the correct build in the window that pops up.

    Important! Please do not change the build assigned to the External Testing group after you have ordered the playtest.

  4. Click on Enable Public Link

  5. Click on Set Tester Limit and set a high limit. We recommend setting it to 500.

Ordering a playtest with a TestFlight public link

Now that your TestFlight public link is ready, it is time to setup your playtest:

  1. Fill in the Which game are you testing section

  2. In the Upload your game section, paste the TestFlight public link in the "Paste a link to your app" form field and hit "Submit"

The rest of the playtest order can be filled in based on how you want to setup your playtest.

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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