Mobile Game:

There several types of game builds you can upload to PlaytestCloud.

On iOS, we need your game in the form of an IPA file (.ipa) built for physical iOS devices, not for the iOS simulator. The build can be an Ad-Hoc signed build or an Enterprise build. The build you provide us cannot be an IPA file that you downloaded from the App Store because those are encrypted using Appleā€™s FairPlay DRM.

For Android the format we accept is APK (.apk) and AAB (.aab). If you have an Android build there may be a .obb extension file which will need to be uploaded after the .apk file. You will see the upload box for the .obb extension file after you upload the original .apk.

If you'd like to test an Android build and a iOS build at the same time you'll need to set up two different playtests. We've expanded on this more here.

Browser Game:

If you would like to test your mobile browser game,, InVision prototype or Facebook game on PlaytestCloud you can do so by selecting Browser game. Currently we don't support WebGL for iOS browser games.

For more information please visit our Builds and Distribution page.

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