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Does PlaytestCloud support Android App Bundles (AAB) files?
Does PlaytestCloud support Android App Bundles (AAB) files?

Have a build that was created using the .aab file format? Don't sweat it, we can automatically convert that for you.

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Yes, we do!

Android App Bundles (.aab file types) were a new delivery format released in 2018 allowing users to always receive an optimized version of your app. Therefore reducing the chance for your game to be deleted next time your customer does a phone memory spring cleaning, for example.

As AAB files become more popular with game studios using PlaytestCloud, our team has worked to make sure ABB files are compatible with our service.

We achieve this by automatically converting the ABB files by extracting the universal APK included in it before the playtest begins. If you do not have a universal APK version in your Android App Bundle, we would ask that your development team re-export your build as an APK in order to ensure an optimal playtest environment.

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