PlaytestCloud uses two separate recording systems to record player videos. Usually, PlaytestCloud will record the players using our standard playtesting recording method which works by sending them a secured build that includes our playtesting and security software.

However, when you test a game that is live on the Google Play Store with PlaytestCloud’s Competitor Testing, this test will be conducted using the PlaytestCloud app – which comes with its own specialties and limitations. For a brief overview of what’s available on each system see the chart below:

Standard Playtesting

PlaytestCloud app

Use Case

All other playtest types

Competitor Testing


iOS + Android

Android only


Uploaded as IPA, APK, AAB or Clickable prototype provided via a website link

Link to the Google Play Store page

Screen / Gameplay recording

Think-aloud audio recording

Touch recording

Remote build deactivation (Kill Switch)

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