You may have heard us refer to a PlaytestCloud app or have seen it on the Google Play Store. The PlaytestCloud app is a specialized recording app that is used in our Competitor Testing playtest mode.

Usually best: Use standard playtesting services for testing your own games

Although there are some use cases for using PlaytestCloud app to test your own games' as they appear directly on the Google Play Store, it's not the approach we recommend for the majority of playtests.

If you are only looking to playtest the first-time user experience of a game that you can provide a build of we recommend running a traditional single session, multi-session or longitudinal playtest and upload the build as an IPA (iOS) or APK/AAB (Android). You will get better results with that approach as playtests that use the PlaytestCloud app cannot record or show touch indicators (showing where players are touching the screen) in the playtest videos. Furthermore, playtesting iOS games is not supported by our Competitor Testing mode either whereas it's fully supported in our normal playtesting mode. If these are features that you need, our standard playtesting products will be more useful for you.

The exception: Playtesting with experienced players of your own games

However, if you want to playtest your game with experienced players playing on their own accounts, or if you are looking to playtest a game made by your game studio but don't have access to a build of the game, our Competitor Testing playtesting mode is the perfect solution. You can read about that use case in this dedicated article.

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