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How do I set up a competitor playtest?
How do I set up a competitor playtest?

Peek into what makes your closest rivals successful by running a playtest on a competitor's game even if you don't have a build.

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If you are looking to peek into what makes your closest rivals successful. Then, might I suggest our competitor playtest. With PlaytestCloud’s competitor playtest, we give you the opportunity to see and hear how players interact with a game downloaded directly from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store – No build required.

Additionally, you also have the option to have experienced players play your target game using their own accounts. Allowing you an inside glimpse into their long term experience with that game.

Running a competitor playtest with PlaytestCloud is a bit different than the other playtests you run with PlaytestCloud as you do not submit a build to us. Rather you give us a link to the Google Play store or Apple App Store page of your target game. Then testers within your target audience will receive an invitation to the playtest along with links to download PlaytestCloud recording app and the targeted game.

Placing an order for a competitor playtest is super simple and can be achieved in 4 easy steps:

1. Set up your playtest as normal in the order form. Letting us know the playtest type and key target audience demographics.

2. Go to the Google Play store (below) or the Apple App Store page of the game you would like to test and copy the hyperlink.

3. Paste the URL into the Upload your game section of the order form (under the a Mobile Game option) then click Submit.

After a brief check of the URL you will see a confirmation of the game you selected:

4. And that’s it! Configure the rest of your playtest as desired and then submit your order.

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