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How can I test the FTUE (first time user experience) of a competitor's game?
How can I test the FTUE (first time user experience) of a competitor's game?

Easily watch how your closest rivals successfully onboard players by running a competitor playtest.

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If you are looking to see how your closest rivals successfully onboard, running a single-session FTUE playtest with our Competitor Testing service is the solution for you. With PlaytestCloud’s Competitor Testing we give you the opportunity to see and hear how players interact with a game downloaded directly from the Google Play Store - no build required.

Additionally, you also have the option to have inexperienced players play your target game, allowing you an inside glimpse into their first time user experience with that game.

Step-by-step guide

Placing an order for a competitor playtest is simple and can be achieved in few easy steps:

1. Set up your playtest in the order form (link requires a PlaytestCloud account) and choose the playtest type that you want.

2. Go to the Google Play Store page of the game you would like to test and copy the URL.

3. Paste the URL into the Upload your game section of the order form (under the Mobile Game option) then click Submit.

4. After a brief check of the URL you will see a confirmation of the game you selected:

5. In the Specify your target audience section, choose one of these options:

  • Use PlaytestCloud testers: If you want to playtest with our players and use Custom Targeting to find experienced players of your own game.

6. If you choose to use PlaytestCloud testers you can fill in the demographics as usual. There are then two ways to select players who have never played the target game before.

  • Players inexperinced with...: If your target game is listed on the order form you can select ‘Players inexperienced with…’ and choose one or multiple genres or games, we will only invite players that have not added any of the specified games, or any games in the selected genres, to their profiles.

    Please note: While this system works great most of the time, there are instances where players' profiles might not perfectly reflect what they like to play or aren’t experienced with (especially for very popular games). This can result in a player being invited to your playtest that doesn't meet your ideal target audience. If this happens, you can use the report video feature on the player’s video page to let us know, and we will address the issue during normal business hours.

  • Custom Targeting: If you require a target audience that is not available through the playtest order form, we can try and find these players for you. It costs more than a standard targeted player (i.e. a player available through the order form) and may mean a slightly longer turnaround time on the playtest, so please keep that in mind!

    There are two ways to come to us with your custom targeting request:

    • If you're not ready to start your playtest yet, reach out to us with details on the target audience you'd like to reach. We'll get back to you with a quote right away.

    • If you're ready to start your order, you can also include a description of the target audience you'd like to reach directly in the order form. In the target audience section, choose 'No, add custom target audience' and describe the target audience that you're looking to reach.

7. And that’s it! Configure the rest of your playtest as desired and then submit your order.

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