Competitor Testing is available for customers on our Booster Packages for small studios, the Professional Basic plan, the Professional Advanced and the Enterprise level subscription plans.

Please note that our previous subscription plan, the "Professional Plan" (without the designation "Basic" or "Advanced") does not include access to Competitor Testing.

How to check if your team has access to Competitor Testing:

You can quickly and easily determine if your team has access to the Competitor Testing feature in a few steps.

  1. Log into your PlaytestCloud account

  2. On the toolbar hover over the menu icon and choose Subscription.

  3. Under the Manage your subscription, you will see listed the name of your plan from this area you will be able to see all playtesting features including Competitor Testing.

4. If you see Competitor Testing listed in the Features section then you have access to this playtesting mode.

If you don't see this feature listed or are not currently on a subscription plan contact us to find the best playtesting plan for your studio.

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