The only product which displays a red frame around the video is our Competitor Testing as it uses a different recording system than playtests run using our other services.

This red rectangle is displayed on the player's screen while they are recording their playtest as a reminder that their screen is being recorded and looks like this:

As this feature is necessary to protect the player's privacy, there is no way to disable the red frame during a competitor playtest.

Some background

Running a competitor playtest on PlaytestCloud is a different from other playtests you run with PlaytestCloud as you do not submit a build of the game. Instead you provide us with a link to the Google Play Store page of your target game. Once the playtest begins our players receive an invitation email along with links to download a specialized PlaytestCloud recording app as well as your selected game.

This differs from playtests for which you upload an iOS or Android build: In those we automatically add our recording and security software to the build and distribute them to the players ourselves. Our built-in screen recording uses a different technology to ensure that only gameplay content is recorded – something that is not possible with the specialized PlaytestCloud recording app.

As privacy by design is a key principle for us, we conducted extensive user tests during the development of this new playtesting mode to ensure players knew how to limit their screen recording to just the game they are testing.

We discovered that on Android, the built-in recording indicators were not obvious enough to alert players about the fact that their screens are currently being recorded. This became especially apparent at the end of a playtest, as players could forget to turn off the recording.

After many experiments we arrived at the above solution: A red frame that outlines the player's screen while their screen & microphone are being recorded. Combined with tutorials and notifications that assist players in recording only the gameplay, this approach allows us to run studies on any game in the Google Play Store in a way that respects the player's privacy.

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