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Can I run a playtest that uses the players in phone camera?
Can I run a playtest that uses the players in phone camera?

For us to set up a playtest using face recording for example, your game must display the recording on the screen among other requirements.

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The PlaytestCloud video recording software records what players see on their screens. So if the game incorporates an in-phone camera recording that gets displayed on the screen, our software will record that. However, we don't offer in-camera recording using the phone's camera via our software. So for example, we would not be able to record a players face using the front end camera without showing it on the screen.

Additionally, since this request goes beyond our usual agreement with our players, it would be classified as a custom targeting request which can be found in the player targeting section of the order form- and will incur a charge of 1.5 video tokens per player (instead of 1 token per player). It will also add 24 hours to our process, as we will have to screen for players that agree to use their phone’s camera while playing the game.

All you will need to do to set up a playtest using the phone's camera is enter on the order form under the question "Do the targeting settings from above fit your requirements?" in that text box, let us know that you need to use the players in-phone camera.

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