With PlaytestCloud’s Competitor Testing you can see and hear how players interact with any game on the Google Play Store – no build required.

To run a competitor playtest the game you want to test must be:

  • Available for Android on the Google Play Store or for iOS in the App Store

  • Available to download in the countries you are playtesting in (typically the US, UK and Canada)

The results of a competitor playtest are screen (gameplay) and audio (think-aloud) recordings of all players, survey answers (if you added a survey) and detailed player profiles. Unlike with playtests where you upload a build, displaying where players touch the screen is not available in Competitor Testing.

As long as your playtest is within these parameters, then you can test among the millions of games people play on mobile daily. Happy Playtesting!

We’re working on adding full iOS support in the future.

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