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Gamer types, how we classify them
Gamer types, how we classify them

A brief summary of how we define our gamer types at PlaytestCloud

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This article is all about the gamer types on our order form. First I'll tell you about the different classifications, and why they matter. Then we'll take a look at the technology behind it!

Gamer types definitions


Gamers who play games that are easy to learn and fun to play. 


Engaged gamers who are looking for a serious gaming experience and want to be challenged by games.


Dedicated gamers who play for the thrill of mastering the game and competition.

Casual, Midcore and Hardcore… That's how we classify the players

The distinction between Casual, Midcore and Hardcore players has been the subject of heated arguments in the industry. Too often these definitions are subjective and based on personal interpretation only. At PlaytestCloud we have decided to apply a method combining cutting edge technology and our expertise of the market to provide you with the most accurate player profiles possible.

The games played are at the center of our approach

On PlaytestCloud, our players maintain a profile listing the games they are currently playing as well as their all-time favorite games. These lists of games are regularly updated by the players themselves.

Our player classification into the Casual, Midcore and Hardcore gamer categories is based on these lists of games.

Algorithm and machine learning

Defining if a player is more Casual, Midcore or Hardcore is done through a machine learning algorithm that we trained with more than 10.000 training samples. 

This classification process can be broken down into two steps:

Step 1: We manually classified over 10,000 player profiles to feed our algorithm with training data in order to build our model.  

Step 2: Every player’s profile is put into the model to be automatically labelled. 

This process ultimately assigns every player with a percentage of compatibility for each gamer type. The gamer type with the highest percentage will then define where the player stands in the gamer spectrum: Are they mainly a casual, midcore or hardcore gamer?

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