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Ordering transcripts for your playtests
Ordering transcripts for your playtests

Automated transcripts allow you to scan through videos and find interesting points quicker!

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You can order transcriptions on the PlaytestCloud order form or from the ‘Transcripts’ tab next to the respective video you would like to have transcribed. There is a set fee for each video, regardless of video duration.


Using Cmd/Ctrl+F, you can easily search for keywords or phrases within the transcription text. Upon clicking on the chosen keyword or phrase you will be able to play the video from the exact point of when it is spoken by the player:

Report Transcript Error: 

If you are in any way unsatisfied with your video transcription, we most certainly want to hear from you! An example might be that, the dialogue was not translated correctly or that the video is not in sync with the text. Please click the “Report an issue” button to notify us of any issues you are experiencing.

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