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Playtesting your prototype with Principle
Playtesting your prototype with Principle

Testing interactive prototypes built in Principle isn’t possible, but there are alternatives if you can export the prototype as a video.

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Principle helps you create designs that look and feel amazing, PlaytestCloud shows you how players react to it.

To interact with a prototype, users need to download the Principle Mirror application from the store. Unfortunately, App Store IPAs cannot be uploaded to PlaytestCloud, nor distributed to our players' devices. We therefore cannot share an interactive prototype from Principle to PlaytestCloud.

That being said, two alternatives are available to help you test your Principle prototype on PlaytestCloud.

You can export a video or a Gif of your design from Principle to PlaytestCloud. You can then share your design with our players and have them react to it.

Set up your prototype playtest

If you'd like to export your Principle design as a video and have players react to it, you could run a concept test.
 - Everything you need to know about Concept testing

That’s it! Place the order and you will get results back from PlaytestCloud as quickly as possible.

Next steps

If you need any help with other aspects of setting up your playtest check our Help Center. If you want to inquiry about specific requirements feel free to reach out to us at

Good luck with your playtest!

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