PlaytestCloud offers you the ability to test your game in the prototype phase.

Adobe XD is an all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps, and more. With PlaytestCloud you can get feedback on your prototypes in the same way you would when playtesting games with us.

Share your prototype

You can refer to the Adobe XD User Guide to learn how to best share your prototype.

1 - Open the Adobe XD file that you want to share.

2 - Click Share button

3- from the options menu select Share for Review and set link access to anyone with a link.

4 - To generate a URL, click Create Public Link.

Next, head to PlaytestCloud to begin the playtest setup.

Set up your prototype playtest

5 - Setup your new playtest to the parameters that you'd like.

6 - Once you're happy with how the playtest has been set up, insert the link you copied from Adobe XD

Insert your Adobe XD prototype link here:

The rest of the setup, including payment, is the same as for any of the other playtests.

There are two things to note: 

If your prototype test takes less than 5 minutes, please put a special request so that we can adjust a number of time players need to spend in the test.

We can only run Adobe XD prototype playtest on Android.

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