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Alchemer/SurveyGizmo Integration Guide
Alchemer/SurveyGizmo Integration Guide

Learn how to easily integrate PlaytestCloud with your Alchemer (formerly known as SurveyGizmo) surveys.

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With PlaytestCloud's survey tools, you can create powerful surveys for every playtest, but the combination of Alchemer (formerly known as SurveyGizmo) together with PlaytestCloud and our tools can help you find the best insights for you project.

Using your own Alchemer survey is available on special request and subject to a set-up fee. Here is the process and some best practices for using Alchemer/SurveyGizmo together with PlaytestCloud.

Step by Step Process

  1. Open the Build page of your survey on Alchemer.

  2. Scroll down or navigate to the Thank You Page of your survey - the page that people see after filling out the survey - and add a new Action. 

3. Add a URL Redirect: 

4. In the Name field, add a new name for this action, e.g. PlaytestCloud Redirect

5. In the URL field, add the following URL:

6. In the Fields To Pass section, select URL Variable from the dropdown menu and press Add Field: 

7.  Enter participation_info for both the URL Variable and the Variable Name

8. Save the Action. Your setup should look exactly like this: 

9. Some tips for survey integration on mobile devices

  • Alchemer's survey tool has some limitations and in the past we have run into issues with certain question types on mobile devices. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive or complete list available, and we recommend testing your survey on mobile devices in preparation of your study.

  • The video sentiment question type is currently not supported on iOS.

  • We recommend testing your survey on multiple devices if possible.

10. Tips for downloading your survey data

  • When downloading your survey data to review the results, make sure to check Include URL Variables in the settings. This way, you will be able to view the player information that we transmit to your survey, such as age and gender.


We can help! Send us a message and we'll help get your Alchemer survey connected with PlaytestCloud.

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