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Use a Qualtrics Survey
Use a Qualtrics Survey

With a few easy steps you can use your self-made Qualtrics surveys together with our playtests and surveys.

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With PlaytestCloud's survey tools, you can create powerful surveys for every playtest, but using your Qualtrics and other survey tools together with playtests and surveys run on PlaytestCloud is possible as well. 

Using your own Qualtrics survey is available on special request and subject to a set-up fee.

Read on for the specific integration steps for using a Qualtrics survey on PlaytestCloud. Before proceeding, we suggest that you read our short overview of all available survey integrations.

Qualtrics Integration Guide

Integrating your Qualtrics survey with PlaytestCloud is possible using Embedded Data to store the demographics data that we pass, and the Customize the End of Survey feature to automatically redirect players back to PlaytestCloud upon completion of your survey. This is required so we know who took the survey and that they completed it.

Step 1: Create Embedded Data Elements for participation_info and participation_id and bucket_id (required)

Create Embedded Data Elements from the Survey flow section of your survey to store required information related to the player's participation in the playtest.

For PlaytestCloud to know which of our players have already completed your survey, we use the Embedded Data Elements participation_info and participation_id. To group and filter the survey results according to the target audiences you've selected during your order, the Element bucket_id is used.

1. In your survey click on survey flow (#1) on the side bar then + Add a New Element Here (#2).

2. Next, click on embedded data (#3).

Survey flow button, second int toolbar along the top of the survey editor. Add a new element here is in green at the bottom of the list of elements. Above that, a yellow menu appears with a green embedded data option.

3. Input your first VAR ID (participation_id) in the text field and press enter

4. Lastly, enter the rest of the VAR IDs for tracking (participation_info & bucket_id) then press enter once more.

Optional: Data such as age, gender, and nationality of the player can also be added as Embedded Data Elements and included in the survey results. See our general survey integration article for a list of all demographics information that we make available to your survey.

For example, to store the age, gender and first name of the players alongside their responses, create Embedded Data Elements for the following fields:

  • age

  • gender

  • first_name

Important: If it's your first time using a Qualtrics survey integrated with PlaytestCloud, please make sure to have our team test the survey and then please check that you see the Embedded Data appearing in the survey results.

Step 2: Redirect Players to PlaytestCloud (required)

Upon finishing your survey, players need to be redirected back to PlaytestCloud so that we can track their progress.

In Qualtrics, this is done by redirecting respondents to a URL (click link to visit Qualtrics article).

  • When completing the steps outlined in the article, please paste the following URL in the website field:${e://Field/participation_info}

  • Please double check that the above link is exactly the same when copied into your Qualtrics survey. Some web browsers may change the link when pasting.

Once you have finished building your survey, you can preview it to ensure that everything is working the way you want by clicking Preview Survey in the top-right of the Survey tab.

Contact our project management team to set up your playtest, and you'll soon be collecting responses to your survey from our players.


We can help! Send us a message and we'll help get your Qualtrics survey connected with PlaytestCloud.

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