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Editing the 'What to Test' section of a TestFlight build
Editing the 'What to Test' section of a TestFlight build

This article guides you through editing the What to Test section to ensure it doesn't contain sensitive information

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TestFlight requires some instructions to be added to the What to Test section when submitting a build for review. However, we have seen instances of sensitive information being shared in this section that can create a security issues.

We recommend adding something generic, such as "Please check the instructions shared by PlaytestCloud" in the What to Test section in TestFlight. You can add your instructions for players while ordering your playtest as a custom briefing or as in-game tasks. We will make sure players see the instructions at the right moments during their playtest.

How to edit the What to Test section of a TestFlight build:

  1. Click on TestFight in App Store Connect page for the game.

  2. Click on the build number of the build that you want to playtest with

  3. The What to Test is available under Test Details. Edit the text field to remove the sensitive information and click on Save on the right

That's it! Your build will not go through Apple review again, and you do not need to modify your TestFlight settings in any other way.

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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