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What are Best Effort playtests?

A Best Effort playtest is a playtest where we do our best to provide you with what we can, when facing an uncommon playtest request.

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At PlaytestCloud we always do our best to accommodate any testing needs that a game studio may have. However, sometimes a request is so specific that we can not promise that we will be able to fulfil your wishes entirely. If this happens, we might recommend a Best Effort playtest.

A Best Effort playtest is a type of playtest we run where we anticipate that we won’t be able to get the number of players requested by a game studio. In these cases, we offer to publish as many good videos as we can but it might not be as many as you requested.

Why do we run Best Effort playtests?

There are several reasons why we might run a Best Effort playtest:

  • We don’t have enough players that meet the game studio’s needs.

  • The playtest setup is complicated and makes it difficult to find suitable players.

  • The game studio is unable to modify their target audience or playtest setup.

What can game studios expect when running a Best Effort playtest?

When running a Best Effort playtest, game studios should expect the following:

  • The playtest will take longer than our standard 24-48 hours.

  • We may deliver fewer results than were requested.

  • There will be no replacements available for players who drop out or fail to complete the test.

How do we handle billing for Best Effort playtests?

Best Effort playtests are handled in the same way as our standard playtests when it comes to billing:

  • We don’t charge for the playtest until it has finished.

  • We only charge for the number of players we were able to publish.

You will never need to ask for a Best Effort playtest – they are either started by our team automatically, or offered by us if you place an order with a special request that might not be possible.

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