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How to invite players to your playtest based on their screener survey responses
How to invite players to your playtest based on their screener survey responses

Understand how the screener results page works

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If you selected Manual invites in your screener survey setup while ordering your playtest, you need to invite players to your playtest from the screener results page. The link to the screener results page can be found on the playtest page.

This article explains how the manual invites process works and all the elements of the screener results page.

Section 1: Player list

On the left, you will see a list of all the players who have answered your screener survey. Along with their name, you will also see their age, location, and gender. You will also see the player's match percentage, which is a representation of how many questions they answered correctly.

This list is sorted by match percentage (descending) by default but can be sorted by name (alphabetical order) as well.

You need to click on a player in this list to see their screener survey answers in the Answers section.

How is the Match percentage calculated?

The Match percentage is calculated as the number of questions the player answered correctly (selected all Must Select options and did not select any Reject options) out of the total number of questions with match criteria in the screener.

Free text questions and rating questions are not counted in the match percentage as they do not have match criteria.

Example: If there were 4 questions with match criteria in the screener and the player selected a reject option in one question, their match percentage will be 75% (3/4 questions correctly answered).

Section 2: Player answers

Once a player is selected in the player list, their answers are displayed in this section. You will see all the questions in the screener survey and the answers given by the player here.

If the question had a match criteria defined, on the right of the answer, you will see a green check (βœ…) if the question was answered correctly (selected all Must Select options and did not select any Reject options), or a red x icon (❌) if it was answered incorrectly (did not select all Must Select options or selected a Reject option).

Questions that do not have match criteria defined will not display an icon on the right.

Section 3: Shortlisting and inviting players

Shortlisting a player:

If you are happy with a player's answers to your screener, you can shortlist them for the playtest by clicking on the button on the bottom right.

When a player is shortlisted, you will see a checkmark near their name in the player list. You can see the list of shortlisted players in the Invited players section. You can also remove players from the shortlist from the Invited players section.

Inviting shortlisted players to the playtest:

Once you have shortlisted a player, they are listed in the Invited players section. You can open the section by clicking on "Invited players (#/##)"

In this section, you can see how many players we recommend inviting, how many players have been shortlisted, and how many have already been invited.

Important! Once a player is invited, they cannot be uninvited.

When you are ready to invite players, click on the Invite all shortlisted players button and follow the instructions on the page.

Why are some players unavailable?

Before inviting players to your playtest, we perform a quick check to see if they can still be accepted. This check is performed before they are invited to answer your screener survey as well, but we check one more time to make sure nothing has changed since then. If the player is banned or busy with another playtest, they are considered unavailable.

If a player is marked as unavailable, remove them from your shortlist and pick another player for your playtest.


Why do you recommend inviting more players than I ordered?

Inviting more players than ordered allows us to get you results faster. Some players have limited time available for playtesting or may not check for invites regularly. By increasing the pool of invited players, we improve our chances of completing the playtest successfully.

The number of players we recommend inviting is based on a calculation that has worked well for most playtests we run.

When should I invite shortlisted players? All together or one at a time?

It depends on how you want to run the playtest. If you want results quickly, you should invite players immediately after shortlisting them. If you prefer having all the players start and finish together (example: longitudinal studies), we recommend inviting players at the end, after you have gone through all screener responses and shortlisted your favorite players.

Can I invite more players than recommended?

Yes! Inviting more players helps get results faster and improves the chances of a successful playtest. We automatically manage access to your playtest to ensure that you receive the ordered number of participations.

What if I can't find enough players to hit the recommended number?

In this scenario, treat your playtest as a best-effort playtest. What that means is that we will publish any successful participations we receive from the players you invite and only charge you for those. You will not be charged the full amount you saw while ordering.

I have received fewer participations than I ordered. What should I do?

Some of the players you invited might be busy or may not check their emails often enough to participate in your playtest. Usually the extra players we recommend inviting give us enough buffer to cover this scenario, but it is possible that you unfortunately selected a large number of busy players.

If you are open to keeping the playtest running for longer, you can invite more players to the playtest.

If you cannot wait any longer, you will only be charged for the participations that we publish. If the successful participations are less than what you ordered, you will only be charged for what was published and not the total amount that was shown while you were ordering the playtest.

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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