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Inviting colleagues to Player Interviews & Live playtests
Inviting colleagues to Player Interviews & Live playtests

An explanation of the different ways to invite your team mates to participate in player interviews and live playtests

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Player interviews and live playtests are an excellent opportunity to get your colleagues involved in collecting feedback and speaking to players directly.

There are a couple of ways to invite your colleagues:

  • Colleagues that have PlaytestCloud accounts: You can share the View profile / Join interview link or the calendar invite for any time slot in your playtest with colleagues that have PlaytestCloud accounts.

  • Colleagues that don't have PlaytestCloud accounts: You can use the playtest sharing feature (read more) to give colleagues that don't have PlaytestCloud accounts access to the playtest. They will be able to reach the playtest overview page and access the interview time slots from there.

Will my colleagues be visible to the player?

The second interviewer to join an interview automatically joins in what we call observer mode (read more). Interviewers in observer mode are not visible to the player until they disable observer mode and enable their camera and microphone.

Can I co-manage the playtest with a colleague?

Yes, this is available as a special request. You can email us at and request that your colleague also receive all the playtest notification emails. If they do not have a PlaytestCloud account, you will also have to share the playtest with them using the Sharing feature for the links in the email notifications to work.

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