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How to test a 3rd party survey tool integration
How to test a 3rd party survey tool integration

How to make sure your survey is set up correctly and sending data to PlaytestCloud

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Before you can use a 3rd party survey tool with your playtest we require you to perform a few steps to ensure that the integration is done correctly and we are receiving data through your survey. This will allow us to confirm whether a player has answered your survey.

If you haven't setup your survey integration yet, please refer to our guides for your specific 3rd party survey tool:

Testing the 3rd party survey integration:

  1. When setting up your playtest, select Use a 3rd party survey tool, submit your survey URL, and confirm the privacy compliance.

  2. Click on the Start Testing button

  3. In a new tab you will be redirected to your survey, where you should answer the survey with dummy data like a player would and reach the end of the survey, where you submit your answers.

  4. If the survey is setup correctly, you will see a success message from PlaytestCloud

  5. When you return to the playtest order form, you will see a success message here as well

If you do not see the success message or see an error message, go back to the order form and click on Click here to check the status. Check your integration once again by referring to our integration guides and re-try the integration test by clicking on Start Testing in the order form.


We can help! Send us a message and we'll help get your survey intergrated with PlaytestCloud.

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