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PlaytestCloud's playtest product list

All of our playtesting products in one nice, neat list

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Below are our core products along with a few quick summaries of what they do and how they work.

  • Single-session playtests show you at least 5+, 10+, 15+, 30+, or 60+ minutes of your game being playtested. This lets you see and hear how players interact with your game or prototype as they experience it for the first time. (We support prototyping with, Marvel, InVision, and Adobe XD

  • Playtests are mostly used to improve the first time user experience and to allow game design decisions based on actual player behavior.

  • These playtests are also perfect if you only have a small amount of content you want to test because the game is still in development.

  • Customized playtest times are available: 20+ minutes, 35+ minutes or even longer than 60+ minutes.

  • Example: Standard (15+ mins) single session playtest.

  • Multi-session playtests let you dive into the player experience of the first two to five gameplay sessions.

  • Multi-session playtests let you assess players' exposure to complex mechanics and game loops that might require more time to grasp.

  • You can choose between 15+, 30+, and 60+ minutes of playtime per session. 

  • Longitudinal studies are a series of playtests that run for multiple days, simulating the experience new players have after downloading your game from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • These studies are useful if your soft-launch or post-launch metrics raise some questions and you'd like more insight into why players behave the way they do.

  • Longitudinal studies help you to test and optimize your retention strategy, and their flexible setups can accommodate any game and test structure.

  • You can choose between 15+, 30+, and 60+ minutes of playtime per day.

  • Surveys can be run completely separate from a playtest and include up to twenty questions, allowing you to get insights on everything from icon choices to exploring new game concepts. (Note: You can ask more than twenty questions for a small additional fee).

  • Concept tests allow you to upload slides, photos, descriptions, videos, songs – and get real players opinions on them.

  • A survey of up to ten questions is included with each concept test.

Note: Single-session, multi-session, and longitudinal playtests all include the following options:

  • Each playtest includes a survey of up to 10 questions

  • You can even ask players follow-up questions if you would like further clarification on comments they make during the playtest or in the survey.

Next steps

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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