How do I structure my playtests?

This is where you'll see how to set up the playtest sessions on PlaytestCloud.

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This part of the order form is all about the length of your playtest sessions and the number of players that you would like to get videos of. 

Standard playtests

Below is a screenshot of a 15+ minute single session playtest with 10 players.

You can use the slider to select the required amount of players and the buttons to pick the minimum time that the players play for. There's no upper limit for playtime and you won't get charged extra if someone keeps playing after the minimum required time.

If you would like a playtesting time outside of the ones in the order form just leave us a special request and we'll be in touch!

Multi-session playtests

Here we have configured a multi-session playtest with 10 players, who will play 3 sessions of at least 15 minutes:

With multi-session playtests we can also enforce a pause between sessions of up to 2 hours. If you would like different times or more playing session let us know!

Longitudinal Studies

Here we have set up a 10 player longitudinal study where the players are required to play 3 days within the space of 5 days. Each day they must play for at least an hour.

As with the other playtest types we can customize longitudinals further to meet your needs. Let us know what you would like in the special request section and we'll customize the study to meet your requirements.

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