How to rename your game

You can rename your game anytime you want to. It's easy!

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Whatever the reason is, sometimes you just need to change the name of your game on PlaytestCloud. Maybe you picked a different codename for the project? Maybe you misspelled your game name or made a typo?

Worry not: Renaming your game name is simple.

Find and rename your playtest

When you log in to PlaytestCloud, you'll land on your playtest order screen. 

Otherwise, you can click on "My Playtests" on the top menu bar:

Find the game you'd like to rename and hover your mouse cursor over the title for just a moment: You'll then see a small button called "rename" appear to the right of the game title.

  • Click "rename":

  • Now click on the white box and edit your game name:

  • Finally, click anywhere outside of the white text box and your game name will be saved:

That's it?

It's really that simple. Your game will appear as the new name you've entered from now on.

If you want to edit your game name anytime in the future, it's possible to do so following the same steps.

Next steps

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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