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Adding a new game or new version to a playtest
Adding a new game or new version to a playtest

When you start your order on PlaytestCloud you can add a New Game or a New Version. This article explains the difference between the two.

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When you start your playtest order on PlaytestCloud you first need to share which game you will be testing.

New Game:

If this is your first playtest, simply add the name of your game under What is the name of your game?

If you have playtested with us before, enter the name of your new game and then click on Add new.

You can also add a custom playtest name to differentiate this playtest from future playtests for the same game. The game name for example could be New Racing Game and the playtest could be called Tutorial A – FTUE or Art Style 01 Concept test.

Important! Players that participate in your playtest will be able to see the game name you enter here.

A game you have playtested before:

When the time comes to test your game again you'll probably want players who have never tested your game before. Enter the name of your game and select it from the dropdown. This will exclude people who have previously participated in playtests for the selected game on PlaytestCloud.

Using the same example as above you would now select New Racing Game from the Select the game dropdown menu and the playtest could be called Tutorial B – FTUE or Art Style 02 Concept test.​

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