Playtesting Facebook Messenger Games

How you can set up your Facebook Messenger game so that it can be tested on PlaytestCloud

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Unfortunately, PlaytestCloud has only limited support to test Facebook Messenger Games (games that are played within Facebook’s Messenger Mobile App). However, there are some steps you can take to prepare your game for being tested on PlaytestCloud. It’s a best practice to create a "playtest version" of your game, that is just a standalone HTML5 browser game version of your game. It needs to satisfy the following conditions:

A) The game needs to run without the Facebook Messenger APIs

Your playtest version of the game needs to be able to run without the Facebook Messenger APIs being available. For instance, you can stub the calls to the Facebook Messenger APIs and return dummy data.

B) The game needs to be hosted where it can be accessed from a Mobile Browser 

Secondly, you need to host the game as a HTML5 website on a web space of your choice, e.g. on Amazon S3. The website needs to work on mobile browsers such as Safari on iOS or Google Chrome on Android, and needs to be accessible without a password.

Setting up the playtest

Once you made your game work as a standalone browser game, you can place a playtest order on PlaytestCloud, selecting "Mobile Browser Game" as the option. Pick either iOS or Android, and point it to the website where your playtest version of the Facebook Messenger game is accessible:


We can help! Send us a message and we'll help setting up your Facebook Messenger playtest on PlaytestCloud.

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