What do players do in-game?

Players will play naturally, unless you want players to play the game in a specific way.

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The ensure the most useful, consistent and relevant playtests, PlaytestCloud asks players to follow a standard procedure. In particular, players are asked to play the game naturally, as if they had downloaded it from an app store like regular players. They are then asked to play the game for at least the set amount of time, thinking aloud and commenting on the game as they go.

The resulting video recording shows how players will naturally learn and use your game out there in the ‘real world’.

However, what if you want to ask the players to pay particular attention to one part of the game? Well, we’ve thought of that too.

If you do wish to ask the players to perform a certain action or engage with a certain feature of the game, you can add a Custom Briefing or In-game Tasks to your playtest.

Custom Briefings allow you to show a message to players prior to starting the playtest, while In-game Tasks allow you to ask questions or direct the player in-game during the actual playtest. If a custom briefing is not used, a standard playtest briefing will be used, as outlined above.

For more information on Custom Briefings and Step-by-Step Instructions, check out further information over here:

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