The best way to follow-up with your playtesters after a playtest is our "Ask players more questions" feature. It is available for all playtests except for survey-only studies.

You can also conduct post-project interviews - it's a great way to connect with the players and deepen your research. Our project management team will set up everything for you, and the only thing we require you to provide is a meeting link. In this article you can find a description of the process and most important steps.

Here's how to set up post playtest interviews:

Simply leave us a note in the "Custom targeting request" field and we will reach out to you to set up the test. If, however, you already have any of the details mentioned below, communicate them in advance and it will speed up the entire process.

We encourage you to let us know about the interviews as soon as possible while planning your playtest so we can recruit players who are ready and available for the interviews.

You can order interviews with any type of the playtest - multiplayer, multisession, longitudinal or single session.

One interview session may take up to 60 minutes and up to 50% of the players participating in the playtest may participate in the interviews. This means that if you want to have 10 interviews scheduled, you should order 20 players. We do this to be able to provide you with a replacement if the players don’t show up for the scheduled interview. If a player does not arrive at their interview, let us know as soon as possible.

While ordering the playtest, in the "Custom targeting request", let us know your preferred time frame for the interview. Give us specific time slots along with the time zones, so we can set times with the players. If you have any hard deadline for the project, also let us know, so we can plan eventual replacements in advance.

After letting us know about your desired time frame, we will handle everything for you. You and the player will receive an invite to a Google Calendar meeting, and that's will be it!

During the interview, you should not ask the players for their contact information. If there will be a need to clarify any details we can coordinate it with them.

After every interview, please send us an email letting us know whether or not the player completed the interview and did a good job. If you complete the requested number of interviews and we still have extra interviews scheduled, we will reach out to the remaining players and let them know they are no longer needed for the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the meeting link have to be a Zoom one?

No, any free platform for the online meetings will work. We usually recommend the platforms where meetings are easy to access, since our players may not have some paid features.

2. Can I schedule the meeting on my own or make any changes to the invite?

In order to protect our players' privacy we won’t make their email address available to you. If you want to make any changes to the meeting, you should reach out to us.

3. Can I record the interviews?

Yes, but please let us know beforehand that you would like to, as we want to inform the players first.

4. Will the interviews be scheduled back-to-back?

We can make breaks in between if you wish - let us know beforehand how long should the breaks be. If we schedule the interviews back-to-back, we advise you to enable the waiting room setting so that a player can't accidentally join during another player's interview.

5. Can I do interviews in lieu of a playtest?

At the moment we’re not offering this kind of setup.

6. Do I need to provide incentives for the players?

No, like in all of our playtests we will handle the incentives.

If you have any other questions regarding post-playtest interviews, reach out to us at We're happy to answer them!

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