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How to report a poor video
How to report a poor video

Learn how to let us know that you got a poor recording and what we can do about it.

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If you received a video that is not useful to you, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know! 

We do our best to review each video before delivering them to you to make sure that they are of a high standard, but every once in a while an unsatisfactory player video slips through. 

Virtually any reason is acceptable, but some of the more common reasons to report a video are: 

  • Technical issues or limitations affecting the quality of the playtest 

  • Rude or lewd behaviour from the player 

  • The player does not match the specified target audience

There are two ways that you can report the video to us.

  1. Click the 'Report an issue'  button found directly in the video player, on the top right of your screen. (below). This will open a dialog box where you can request a new video, refund or just provide feedback.

  2. Contact us with a message about why the video is unsatisfactory and include a direct link to the video.

We will then review the video and get back to you about the next steps. We are happy to replace videos that are not up to our standards and operate a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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