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How do I target special audiences and what does it cost?
How do I target special audiences and what does it cost?

Learn about special player targeting and feasibility checks

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If you require a target audience that is not available through the playtest order form, we can try and find these players for you. It costs more than a standard targeted player (i.e. a player available through the order form) and may mean a slightly longer turnaround time on the playtest, so please keep that in mind!

How to send us your special request:

There are two ways to come to us with your request:

  • If you're not ready to start your playtest yet, reach out to us with details on the target audience you'd like to reach. We'll get back to you with a quote right away.

  • If you're ready to start your order, you can also include a description of the target audience you'd like to reach directly in the order form. In the target audience section, choose 'add custom target audience' and describe the target audience that you're looking to reach. 

An example of a request might be : "We are building a mobile game based on the popular board game Power Grid. Could you please recruit players who have experience playing the board game?"

Whichever way you choose to communicate the requirements, please make sure you provide us with the following information: 

  • Game being tested

  • Playtest type (take a look at our product list for a reminder of the various playtests we have on offer) 

  • Number of players 

  • Platform (Android or iOS)  

  • Age range

  • Gender split

  • Gaming classification level (casual/midcore/hardcore)

  • Location

  • Special player requirements i.e. Do they like or play certain games that are not available through the order form? Are there more than one player groups, if so what are they? Do they have a certain level of progress in a specific game? Is it important that they have not played a certain game? Should they have watched certain movies or like certain brands? 

After we receive the information we will run a feasibility check and get back to you!

What is a feasibility check and how long does it take?

Dependent on the type of request we can either search our player database and give you an answer as to whether or not we have the players within the same day or, and more often, we have to conduct an in-depth screening of our player database to see if we have the players available to guarantee you the results that you need.

If you are looking for players who have some level of experience with certain games or genres we can often do a quicker search in our player database and give you an answer right away. 

If your target audience criteria are more extensive, we will screen our player database in-depth to find the right players. As part of this process, we put together a specifically designed questionnaire to identify the players that you're looking for. You will have the feasibility results within around 24 hours, so please factor this extra time into your playtesting deadline. If the results come back looking good we are ready to launch the test!

What happens if we can't find the right players for you?

If we do not have the requested types of players for you we will make suggestions as to how the playtest can be altered in order to run successfully e.g. widen the age range, include midcore players, or reduce the number of total players in the playtest etc. and run the check again. In general, the more relaxed the requirements the easier it is to find the players.

What does this all cost? 

Targeting special target audiences is a feature available to customers on a Professional Plan.

Finding the exact right target audience for you is part of our Advanced Videos, which cost 1.5 Video Tokens and include one session of gameplay of up to 60+ minutes.

For our In-Depth Playtests (Multi-Session, Longitudinals and Surveys) finding players according to your special requests increases the price per player by a factor of 1.5x. If you're planning an In-Depth Playtest with a special target audience, contact us for a quote.

Note: If you are on our Legacy pricing plans we will always reach out and confirm the exact price with you before launching a playtest with special target audience requests.

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