How do I set up a kids playtest?

Here's where you'll find out how to set up a playtest with kids.

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Kids all over the world are developing their motor skills, pattern recognition abilities and much more with the aid of mobile games. PlaytestCloud gives you the ability to playtest your latest game with a younger target audience. Below you will find some information and frequently asked questions.

How can I order a kids playtest?

On the order form under the Specify your target audience tab select the settings specified in the image below. You will notice that unfortunately we cannot currently target kids by gamer type or experience. You can specify age, nationality and gender.

What types of playtests can I order with kids?

Testing with kids is only available for regular, multi-session, and concept playtests. If you have a survey or longitudinal study in mind that requires kids, please contact us at

If your game uses the camera feature you will need to leave a Custom Briefing for the parents giving them the opportunity to opt out of the playtest (this is to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) laws).

Who are the kids?

Kids playtesting is available with our youngest playtesters at the age of 3 right up to the teens at 15 years old. All kids playtests are done in the presence of a parent, who from time to time may help the child along.

Regarding surveys and tasks:

Keep in mind the age range you’ve selected when asking survey questions and giving playtest tasks. This is an area that parents may have to give a little more guidance.

Can I add transcripts to a kids playtest?

Yes! Transcription is available with kids playtesting

Are you COPPA compliant?

PlaytestCloud are fully COPPA certified by PRIVO. Here you can read more details on our certification. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law created to protect the privacy of children in the United States of America.

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