What Is a Video Token?

Video Tokens are the currency of the Professional and Enterprise plans.

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In the Professional and Enterprise plans, video tokens are used to pay for single-session playtest and concept test videos. Video tokens will be automatically added to your account on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on what billing terms you choose.

You can exchange 1 video token to receive a single standard video of a player playing your game. A standard video will allow you to test your game with a real player from a native english speaking country. You will also be able to specify the age range, gender, and have the ability to choose players with experience in over 50 popular genres and games.

If you are using advanced target audience features, each video will cost 1.5 video tokens. For 1.5 video tokens, you can record one advanced video. This video will include the ability to specify the device the test will be run on, the country your playtester will come from, the games your player enjoys, the ability to run real-time multiplayer gaming sessions, and more.

Lastly, if you’re ordering a playtest with children, each video costs 2 video tokens.

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