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Setting up Single Sign-on (SSO) with Okta
Setting up Single Sign-on (SSO) with Okta

How to set up SAML2 SSO with Okta as your Identity Provider

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1. Navigate to the your SSO settings page on PlaytestCloud by going to Settings > Single-Sign-On (SAML).

2. Copy the "Entity ID" and the "Single sign on URL (ACS URL)" and use it to set up a new App on Okta called "PlaytestCloud"

3. Optional: We also provide logos that you can use when setting up the "PlaytestCloud" app in Okta.

4. You will also see which attribute mappings you need to set up so that we can pull in the right information about your users through SAML. Set these up in Okta:

  • Name: urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:mail Value:

  • Name: urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:givenName Value: user.firstName

  • Name: urn:mace:dir:attribute-def:sn Value: user.lastName

5. Download the Identity Provider metadata as a file from Okta: right-click "Identity Provider metadata" in Okta, then click "Save as..." and name the file "metadata.xml".

6. Upload the metadata.xml file to the SSO settings page on PlaytestCloud (the page you visited in step 1 of this guide). Don’t forget to click "Upload IdP metadata" to confirm the upload.

7. You can now try IdP-initiated login through your Okta portal.

8. Optional: Contact us if you want to unlock your domain for SP-initiated SSO.

If any problems pop up, please contact us.

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