I placed my order, now what happens?

What happens and where does my build go once I place my order?

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The confidentiality and security of your build is important to us – and we want to make sure you feel safe and confident in our process when you place your intellectual property in our hands.

Here is how PlaytestCloud handles your build behind the scenes:

Step 1:

When you first place your order your build is securely sent to us. Most of the time your playtest will automatically move to Step 2 from here, but we may also run a quick manual QA check on your build to ensure everything works smoothly – especially if this is your first order with us. This won't delay your playtest in any way.

Step 2:

We then wrap your build with our security measures before sending an email invitation to players who are within your specified target audience. This email invites the player to a generic playtest only informing them of the playtest type, the amount of time required to finish the playtest, the potential reward, and any additional player instructions you may have included in your order.

Once the player agrees to participate in the playtest they must, once again, agree to our Non-Disclosure Agreement by reading the agreement and typing "I agree" below it. The build will then begin to download and only now will players know which game they will be testing.

Its important to note that whenever we run a playtest we always recruit a few more players than requested. The exact number depends on how many players are ordered, how long the videos are, and whether we detect any issues that could cause delays during the playtest.

Step 3:

Next, players play your game whilst speaking aloud and following your instructions and tasks – if any. Once they have completed the full playtest the video will be uploaded to PlaytestCloud servers. After the download is fully complete our ‘kill switch’ will be activated and the game will no longer be accessible.

Step 4:

Finally, our team of video reviewers will review your video ensuring that our players followed your instructions and tasks and did not experience any recording issues. Once enough videos are cleared by our team of reviewers we will send you the full number of videos you ordered.

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