At PlaytestCloud, you can have multiple teams working within the same PlaytestCloud account. We call these individual teams on the platform Teams, and the collection of all teams within one PlaytestCloud account is called an Organization.

If your Organization only has one Team (which is the most common case), simply add everybody who should have access to your playtests to your main Team.

All members of a Team can see the playtests that are conducted within that Team, but they cannot access playtests conducted by other Teams. Users who are Organization Admins have access to the playtests of all Teams and can also manage subscriptions, billing and other Organization-wide settings.

Editing users can be done by going to Settings, then Manage organizations and teams, and then clicking on Manage users of the team that you want to add or remove the user from. If you are an Organization admin or a Team admin and you would like to add or remove a colleague, you can easily achieve this in 3 ways:

Adding a user through an invitation:

Adding or editing users can be done by going to Manage organizations and teams and then clicking on Manage users of the team that you want to add or remove the user from.

From here you will be able to see a full list of everyone on your team, their status and permission levels. Below this, you will be able to invite users via their work email, or if someone has requested to join your team you can approve or deny them under Membership requests.

Adding a user through Single Sign-On (SSO) :

There are also two separate ways your colleagues can join your organization automatically. First, if you have Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled on your account. Users who first log in to PlaytestCloud will become members of the organization automatically. In this process, If your organization has only one team, the new user will be added to that team automatically.

Adding a user through organization domain:

If you would like to add a user through your organization domain, you can easily achieve this in a few simple steps.

To enable this mode you need to go to the settings page.

Then under the domain tab you will see the checkbox required to enable this.

Removing a user from a team:

You might want to remove a user from your team but still keep them within an organization. This is possible, you will just need to be a Team admin or an organizational admin and follow these steps:

Click on the menu on the right side of the navigation bar, and then click on the Add/ remove teammates option.

From there, simply find that person under users in your team list, click on the drop down menu, and then from there click on Delete user account to remove them.

When you remove them, their access to PlaytestCloud will be revoked, but their annotations and ordered playtests will remain.

Removing a user from an organization:

If you would like to remove a member from the entire organization, head to Manage organization and teams.

From there you can click on the delete user button for the user you would like to remove from the entire organization. When you do this, this user will not only be removed from the organization but also all teams within the organization as well.

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