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How to Create, Update, and Delete Teams from your Organization
How to Create, Update, and Delete Teams from your Organization
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Game studios with multiple game development teams or internal studios may want to limit access to some of their playtests to certain teams within their account – for playtest management or security purposes. Likewise, publishers can create individual teams for their affiliated studios within their PlaytestCloud to allow each of these studios to playtest individually while centralizing billing and account management at the publisher level.

If this sounds useful, we make it easy for you to create multiple teams for your organization. The ability to create multiple teams within your organization is available to customers on our Professional Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Adding a team

To add a team to your organization, start by going to the menu icon on your account and selecting Settings. Once inside click on Manage organization and teams and then click on Add team to create a new team (as long as you still have an empty slot for a team available for your organization).

Renaming a team

Whenever you want to make changes to the team name, just go to the same page as listed above. You will just need to click on the Edit icon (Pencil) to change the team’s name.

Removing a team

If you want to remove a team from your organization, you will need to be on the Manage organization and teams page shown previously. From there, you can click on the Remove icon to remove the team. A popup will ask you to confirm the deletion.

Please note that when you delete a team, nobody in your organization will be able to access the results of the playtests run by that team. If you want to keep access to the playtest results of that team, consider removing all users from that team but keeping the team itself.

When you delete a team, users who were only members of that particular team will still have access to PlaytestCloud but will not be able to view any playtests or place any orders. They can still request to join another team within your organization. If you want to remove these users from your organization entirely, see how to add or remove teammates from your organization.

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