Organizations with multiple teams can request to keep separate Video Token balances for every team. This is useful when you want to assign specific budgets per team that are managed centrally, for example – by your Research Ops team.

To distribute Video Tokens between specific teams, you have to be an Organization Admin.

Take these steps to distribute Video Tokens between your teams:

  1. Click on Subscription in the menu.

  2. Scroll down to Assign Video Tokens. Here you will see a list of all teams within your organization and the amount of Video Tokens they have left in their account.

  3. To assign Video Tokens to a team, click on the Assign button and enter how many Video Tokens your selected team should receive.

  4. To reassign or remove Video Tokens from a team, click on the Unassign button and enter how many Video Tokens you would like to withdraw from the team’s balance.

If your team currently has a shared pool of video tokens across all teams in your organization and you wish to distribute and allocate them individually, please contact us. We can work with you to change your settings.

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