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Why is PlaytestCloud offering an Indie Pass?

At PlaytestCloud, we believe every company deserves access to the best playtesting tools out there – no matter their size.

This is exactly why we created the Indie Pass, as a way to give newer, smaller companies a playtesting service they can afford, knowing fully well that different teams have different resources. Studios that are just starting out deserve to be able to playtest as much as any other, and with the Indie Pass we hope to be able to give any up-and-coming game creators the help they need in creating the best games they possibly can.

As a company that was funded itself by two friends over many sleepless nights, we know how difficult starting out can be, particularly in this increasingly competitive industry. With the Indie Pass, we hope to help the small studios of the present become the big studios of the future.

What’s included in the Indie Pass?

To know about all the unique features included in the Indie Pass, have a look at our product page.

Who is eligible?

The Indie pass was designed as a special plan, tailored specifically to smaller game development studios for whom otherwise playtesting would be unaffordable. With this new program, we offer a plan at a price these smaller studios can afford.

In order to make sure this program is used by the teams that really need it (and for whom it was designed for), we look at different factors to determine eligibility. In summary, studios must have less than 15 employees, have raised less than $1 million USD in funding, and have less than $1 million USD in annual revenue. By following these rules, we can guarantee the Indie Pass is used by those it was designed for, and assure the program’s feasibility.

Who counts towards the team member limit?

Any member of your team, either full-time or part-time, counts as a team member and will be included in the 15 person limit.

What are my options if I fall outside the criteria?

We offer a number of plans to fit whatever need and budget different studios might have, making sure PlaytestCloud can be used by any studio independently of their size. Even if you don't quite qualify for the Indie Pass, reach out to our team and we can find a subscription plan that fits your needs (and, of course, your budget).

What happens if I don’t use all Video Tokens in a month?

On renewal of a current Indie Pass plan, any unused Video Tokens rollover to the next pricing period. This means that, as long as you renew your subscription, your Video Tokens will not expire.

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